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Ready- to-use materials

Inter-active and web-based resources (webinars, etc.)

College Drinking – Changing the Culture Alcohol Abuse  
Depression and Bipolar (DBSA) Recovery Education Center Depression and Bipolar Disorders    
Mental Health America’s Mental Health Month Mental Disorders    
A Dose of Prevention Toolkit Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse Prevention (cough medicine abuse)
Acetamino-phen Safe-Use College Resource Guide Over-the-Counter Drug Abuse Prevention
National Council on Patient Information and Education’s Prescription (Rx) Abuse Prevention Programs College Resource Kit Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention on College Campuses  
National Recovery Month Recovery
Faces & Voices of Recovery Recovery
Faces & Voices of Recovery - Recovery Stories Recovery
National Youth Recovery Foundation Recovery    
Connecticut Turning to Youth and Families (CTYF) Recovery  
Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery Substance Abuse Prevention  
SAMHSA’s National Prevention Week Substance Abuse Prevention
Reclaiming Futures Substance Abuse Prevention    


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