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Recovery involves steps that force you to re-evaluate where you are so you can move forward. Click on the Re-covery icons to see what characteristics help support and enable recovery on- or off-campus. Are they available to students? If so, how can you help them make the connections? If not, think about what you can do to make it happen, and go to PASS IT ON to develop strategies.

Check out the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s Why RE-Covery? Public Service Announcement.  Discover attributes that make recovery so powerful.  


re-wind RE-Wind

  • “I couldn’t be in recovery without the help of a counselor, on campus or in the community, who understands what it’s like. She helps me acknowledge where I’ve been so I can move forward.”
  • “The 12-step program on my campus is great because it makes me look in the mirror every day and acknowledge that I’m an alcoholic.”
  • “I live in substance-free housing, and my friends help me stay on-track.”

re-spect RE-Spect

  • “My campus and the outside community have services and programs that address my triggers – drugging, binge drinking, eating, anxiety, depression, stress – you name it, we’ve got it!”
  • “My school has a peer educator program that uses others in recovery to educate the university and outside community about the power of recovery.”
  • “There are all kinds of sober events at my school and in the community – and I’ve met a bunch of new friends through this network.”

reevaluate RE-Evaluate

  • “Sometimes I feel like I’m spiraling out of control again, particularly during exam time. My school has this really cool counseling program that helps me during those times – and I’m learning how to REALLY study!”
  • “The 12-step program I go to was created for people my age. The group understands the challenges I face.”
  • “When I really need help and the school can’t help me, I’m guided to community resources that can! My school makes sure that I follow-up.”

renew RE-New

  • “The Recovery Center at my school says, ‘Choose to live each day in sobriety – choose life.’ I renew myself everyday with this belief.”
  • “My school has this program where I volunteer with kids who are coming out of treatment. This gives me a chance to give back.”
  • “I’m thinking about going into the addiction prevention field, given my history. My school has a major called Addiction Studies that will enable me to become a counselor when I finish school.”


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